Gert van Loenen Jr.

My name is Gert van Loenen Jr. from The Netherlands. I am total travel, cruise, and hotel addict. Entrepreneur, interior architect, and fashion designer men’s wear. Together with my partner, who is in the private jet business, a total junky of making memories in all our travels. We aim for the most special options on our trips and finding the true gems among them.


Alcohol included cruise lines

Do you also enjoy sitting on the deck with a glass of wine or a summer cocktail? Or to drink a nice wine with the super dinner on board your cruise?
Then it is so handy when you know that the final invoice is not such a shock and that your drinks are already included in the rate.

With most cruise lines, you pay a fairly high price for those alcoholic beverages, often with a hefty tip as well.
But luckily for us ‘connoisseurs’ there are also cruise lines where alcohol is included in the fare. Here’s an overview: