Bears larger than bison, national parks the size of nations, and glaciers bigger than other US states. The word ‘epic’ barely does Alaska justice.

Pure, raw, unforgiving, and humongous in scale, Alaska is a place that arouses basic instincts and ignites what Jack London termed the ‘call of the wild.’ Yet, unlike London and his gutsy, gold-rush companions, visitors today will have a far easier time penetrating the region’s vast, feral wilderness. Indeed, one of the beauties of the 49th state is its accessibility. Few other places in the US allow you to scale an unclimbed mountain, walk where – quite possibly – no human foot has trodden before, or sally forth into a national park that gets fewer annual visitors than the International Space Station.

our LXRY! hotel selection

We have some criteria before we can call a hotel a LXRY! Selection Hotel. We want to be surprised, we need luxury and hospitality at a high level, we love the quality of food and the rooms, we think the location is super important, and….we want to memorize the hotel for a lifetime! So you will not find basic chain hotels that look similar in all countries but truly found local gems that are different and memorable.

Alaska - Denali National Park

Experience Grand – One of the most luxurious lodges in Alaska

Sheldon Chalet is an exclusive all-inclusive experience like nothing else in Alaska or the world. Prior to Sheldon Chalet, the only way to experience an overnight on Denali was to be a climber, sleeping in a tent, eating freeze-dried food and battling the elements or in the rustic Sheldon Mountain House cooking camp food and utilizing an outhouse. Never before has anyone been able to enjoy this majestic setting in pure luxury sleeping on plush bedding, dining on gourmet food, enjoying warm showers, and relaxing saunas until now.

Perched on a nunatak in the Don Sheldon Amphitheater of Denali’s magnificent Ruth Glacier, just 10 miles from the summit, Sheldon Chalet is more than a place to stay, it’s an exclusive experience of grand proportion.

Sheldon Chalet is as unique as the surroundings are breathtaking. Fine dining, luxury accommodations, and exquisite service are a commitment to the property’s distinctive environment.

50 years and three generations of the Sheldon Family have worked to make the vision of Don and Roberta Sheldon a reality. Sheldon Chalet welcomes guests to experience the wild beauty of Denali in comfortable luxury, just as the elder Sheldons intended.

Alaska - Halibut Cove

Like no place on earth

Step outside this Alaskan luxury resort into the pristine, glorious wilderness of Alaska’s Kachemak Bay for a wide range of tailor-made adventures. This critical habitat area is home to a remarkably high level of wildlife.

You’ll have the opportunity to witness playful sea otters up-close as you launch a sea kayak or paddleboard right from their dock. Experience opportunities for watching whales and birds, epic bear viewing, tide pooling, and world-class fishing, as well as exploring glaciers and volcanoes.

The seaside village of Halibut Cove is rich with history. Many residents are hardworking fishermen or artists (or both!) who exhibit their work seasonally at the local fine art galleries along the boardwalk.

The community is enriched with quality cuisine, a penchant for local brews, a strong sense of aesthetic, and the allure of his place that is timelessly galvanized by the love of land and sea… hearty folk who have bravely settled in the last frontier, who understand that nature still reigns.

Halibut Cove is Alaska coastal living at its finest.